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Gold Partner Odoo Italia

Siamo Gold Partner Odoo, fra i massimi esperti del prodotto con un team di consulenti certificati seguiamo sempre più aziende e progetti in settori quali: logistica, produzione, retali, commercio elettronico, formazione e servizi. Offriamo servizi di analisi dei vostri processi aziendali, consulenza, implementazione, formazione, sviluppi custom, formazione e assistenza.

How do we differ?

  1. Browse this site, you will only see real people (us) and read carefully, no sentence is a slogan, everything is real and represents what we really are
  2. Our analysts have many years of experience in various sectors (logistics, production, administrative and accounting management, retail and electronic commerce) and follow each project with dedication
  3. Even if our motto is "don't reinvent the wheel" we have a team of seven internal developers and some external collaborators able to intervene where customization or integration with third party systems is necessary
  4. We follow realities ranging in size from large international companies to SMEs typical of the Italian territory
  5. We are selfish and aware that our success depends on the success of our projects

Analysis and Consulting

Our professionals have many years of experience in different sectors: logistics, production, retail, accounting... We are able to follow your project by recommending the best operational and management solutions for the implementation of Odoo in your organization.

Implementation and Development

Our team of developers and technicians is able to carry out any customization, from small developments to APPs dedicated to integration with the most varied third-party systems.

Training and Assistance

For the success of the project, training and ongoing assistance are essential, in both sectors we boast an enviable experience and unparalleled responsiveness.